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"Future Proof" the Homes You Design and Build

As an architect, you pride yourself on quality, innovative designs, and client responsiveness. So do we. As electronic architects for your discerning clients, we'll ensure their expectations are exceeded and your designs are only enhanced by the home technology we recommend and install.

And if you're a builder, one of your primary concerns is whether or not your electricians' or integrators' wiring and cabling skills are keeping up with today's fast changing technologies? Homeowners are making greater demands from their electrical connections, communications devices, entertainment sources and computer connections, but the telephone lines and TV cables of the past don't contain the bandwidth needed for today's ever advancing technology.

Don't let down your customers by offering less. FulTech knows exactly what the high-end, custom clients expect from their systems and how they want to be treated. Simply contact us or read below to learn more.

  • FulTech Solutions uses the optimum wire & cable
  • FulTech Solutions sets the standards
  • FulTech Solutions makes you look good
  • FulTech Solutions makes it easy

FulTech Solutions uses the optimum wire & cable according to industry standards

The standard UTP phone wiring (12 MHz) is now considered insufficient for today's internet and computer needs. Since 1996, we've used only CAT5 (100 MHz) for all of your customers' telephone and intercom needs. But even CAT5 won't accommodate all the bandwidth and speed of tomorrow's computers, so FulTech uses enhanced CAT5 (1 GHz) or CAT6 for all computer/high speed data purposes. In addition, FulTech uses RG6 Quad shield (2.5 GHz), which is far superior to the standard RG59 (400 MHz) or even RG6 Dual shield (1 GHz) TV cable, generally installed by electricians, for video and cable modem needs. FulTech continually uses the latest cabling and technologies as they become available and cost effective to the consumer.

FulTech Solutions sets the standards

We've designed our own structured cabling system which can accommodate just about any audio/video/keypad or home automation system on the market today, so the homeowner can upgrade to any number of highly advanced distribution systems like Crestron, AMX, ELAN, Control4, and many more.

FulTech wires for features in most rooms others overlook. All rooms are stereo speaker ready with volume control boxes already cut in, and master bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages and patios have phone and TV connections. We install many wires for future upgrades or options like HVAC integration, door latch releases, remote keychain controls (for garage doors, lights, door latches) and many more at little or no additional cost.

FulTech Solutions makes you look good

Your clients are discerning individuals who know what they want, and they're accustomed to getting the best. We'll give them more than they expect and make you look good doing it.

For instance, our technicians always wear booties (foot coverings) when entering a home at the post trim-out phase. We run and leave a clean and tidy work space. Moreover, we fully communicate our work schedule with you and your clients and stick to our schedule, once finalized.

In addition, we add conveniences your clients want, like door cams, driveway cams and door intercom cable. Since it's all centrally distributed, we can integrate any of the above items and much more, to work on every TV and phone in the house.

FulTech also works with many of your subs (electrical, pool, HVAC, etc.)  to coordinate the integration of our systems. We work with your cabinet makers and carpenters to determine dimensional and ventilation needs for any of our equipment, before the house is built. We have our own plotter and offer a variety of design services including CAD cabinet design with equipment installed (to scale), system design and consulting services. 

FulTech Solutions makes it easy

We make it easy for you while we're working, and easy for your customer when our work is complete.

We know builders and other contractors have a myriad of tasks to stay on top of, so we pride ourselves on being reliable and easy to work with; whether as your subcontractor or referred directly to the customer. We can get involved at any stage of construction or remodeling, and it works best when we can handle all of your non-electrical wiring needs.

Call to find out what we can do for your customers. FulTech has won multiple awards over the years and recently earned a national award for our customer service. In fact, we hold a nearly 100% referenceable customer database from the past 15+ yrs.

You'll find your homeowners really appreciate our distinctive work, and they'll thank you for that extra touch of quality. Call 992-6624 or contact us to find out more.

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