Your dream home: you've worked hard to get here...
shouldn't you start living like it?

Your new home is a reflection of you, and it should be beautiful and functional. We'll handle your complete technology installation, and a FulHouse system enables any electrically powered sub-system in your home to be controlled and integrated into ours. From lights, drapes and blinds, home theater, security, pool or spa, even plumbing, we make them work together for you, all with minimum effort on your part...to maximize your enjoyment.

Lighting Control

Control any light or appliance in your home from the same remote as the TV, VCR, satellite, and stereo. Also, most lights now slowly become brighter or fade off, and have a built in dimming mechanism with memory. Our newest line of switches from SmartLinc, have the additional ability to change the fade rate, allowing you to adjust the time a light fades on or off from 1 second to 15 minutes.

Home Entertainment

Video and sound distributed throughout the home. Watch the DVD connected in the den on any TV in the house, and if the doorbell rings, simply flip to channel 71 to see who's at the front door. Also, enjoy stereo sound throughout the house, with total keypad or remote control from most rooms. Listen to the same tune throughout, or choose different genre's for different areas. In the baby's room, you can use the extra coaxial outlet for a baby-cam that can be monitored from any TV in the house. And, as the child grows, this can later be switched to deliver cable modem or DVD.


Feel safe with a security system that's fully integrated with your home automation systems. FulTech can integrate almost any security system to our systems, which can now turn off all lights and TVs, and also close the shades, shutters and more just by simply arming the system. When an alarm is triggered, the system can close your garage doors and gates, and turn on all your lights and more. FulTech also offers the latest in access control systems that allow you to use a simply keyfob to unlock your door, gate or garage. In addition, we now offer RFID for personnel and property locating. Know when your laptop leaves the house, or simply know if the trash has been taken out on trash night. Your options are virtually limitless. (Please note: FulTech does NOT offer security systems and is not licensed to do so. We coordinate integrating your security system--from the provider of your choice--with your home control system, as we do with HVAC, pools, and electrical.)

Heating and Air control (HVAC )

Whether using automated thermostats or a completely zoned system, most of your home's initial energy savings will come from a climate control system fully integrated with your home technology system.

Phone/Intercom System

Enjoy the convenience of using your phones as an intercom system. Call room to room, monitor the baby's room, call everyone to dinner, or answer and unlatch the front door, from any phone in the house...even the portable.

Drape/Blind/Door Control

You can add control of some, or all of your drapes, blinds and electric door latches to your home automation system. You can even open and close a sliding glass door without ever getting up.

Plumbing & Water Distribution

Add push button controlled water delivery to every spigot in the house. Immediately send hot, warm or cold water at the touch of a button. Control lawn sprinklers or start the hot tub, so it's just right when you're ready to get in.

Control Systems

The brains behind the machine. Once the basic system is in, you can add options for years to come. Control appliances and any other electrical devices such as garage doors, door strikes, coffee pots, electric blankets and more.

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