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FulTech is a pioneer in the Integrated Building Systems/IBS arena. What some still call BMS/Building Management Systems, FulTech has taken to a new level, incorporating not only the HVAC control, but integrating that with lighting control, access control, security, fire, audio/video and more, creating one, seamless, integrated and easy to use system. Stop buying 6 figure BMS systems that only control your HVAC and really provide little or no actual savings, but instead let our team help you design and install a system that incorporates all of the disparate systems of any building, whether old or new*. Most of the systems we integrate are already being purchased and installed in your building, by consulting with our staff, we can help you decide which products and systems are appropriate for your building and if and how they can integrate together. A FulTech IBS is typically no more, and usually much less, than a simple BMS control system.

With our state-of the art showroom, Fultech can show you, firsthand, how the various systems of your building can be integrated together to make one simple and easy to use system. From access control and security to HVAC and lighting control, a Fultech IBS system is one of the few on the market that can truly tie it all together, TODAY! Our showroom has been featured in several local and national publications and is an actual show and tell showroom. FulTech's showroom has received an Enrgy Star rating of 93, after 2 years of real data logging. In addition, we have actual empirical data to show our real energy savings over time and before our IBS was added to our facility. Call or come by today for a firsthand look at what a FulTech Integrated Building System can offer you.

*some systems cannot be integrated with newer systems and their controllers may have to be replaced. This can be determined via an on-site visit or by documentation from existing parts/products.

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