FulTech Service Plans

Keep Your Systems Current & Maintained by Technology's Leader

Once your state-of-the-art technology is designed and installed by the best, keep it current with the best. FulTech offers several service plans to choose from: StayConnected (billed monthly) provides firmware updates, integration of new products or equipment, addition of 3rd party services (DSL, cable, satellite) and upgrades.

Home Control login service gives you a private, secure, password-protected website, enabling you to login to various systems at the home; CCTV, control system, gates, security, music collections and more.

Off-site Filing data storage and backup saves all the digital data that sits on hard drives (MP3s, digital music, videos, digital family photos, etc). As families and businesses use and store greater amounts of digital documentation, the inherent faults of hard drives to fail require consistent, reliable back-up. Off-site Filing is invaluable if your main home drives crash and the data is not recoverable. With this service, you can relax: all your data is synchronized and backed-up to an off-site server on a regular basis.

  • FulTech: State-of-the-art technology...and service.
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